I enjoy studying how our world works - from electrical, plumbing, and carpentry to public and private services available to my friends, family, and clients. I've sought to understand how systems work to make them more accessible and functional for those I care for.

Over the years, my curiosities have led me to obtain a Master's in Education and Social Policy and a law degree. While I find that both of these courses of study inform my practice as a realtor, they've also made me identify as more of an advocate for those under my care.

Perhaps more important than my academic studies is my approach to challenging situations. With a cool head, I draw upon experience and research, seek advice from others, and keep an open mind to find the best solutions. Buying or selling a home often presents novel situations, and I'm well-equipped to manage them.

I know about building codes and practices. While I'm not a general contractor or home inspector, my work experience as a handyman helps me to better represent you, whether as a buyer or seller. I might not prepare your home for sale myself, but I've done so before. I have an eye for appeal and marketability. I can see a house's potential for remodel, beautification, or simply increased desirability.

I have a lot of experience helping people through difficult transitions in life - whether they're upsizing, downsizing, making changes to a home to age in place, or simply moving on to a better fit. I understand the factors contributing to the state of flux one can feel during those times of instability. I seek to be a rock you can depend on during what might be a challenging time.

Whatever your needs, I'm happy to make time to sit down and discuss how I might be of assistance to you. If I can't get you the help you need, perhaps I know someone who can.




Loyola University Chicago, School of Law, JD, 2011

Northwestern University, School of Education and Social Policy, MSED, 2009

North Park University, Politics and Government, BA, 2006